Web based Dashboard – Technical Overview – Jquery – jqGrid – flash charts

In short the web based dashboard uses the following components

  • PHP
  • jQuery
  • jqGrid
  • Flash based charting engine

InfoCaptor dashboard designer which is a desktop based tool(yeah it can be made to run on a webserver using jnlp webstart…) was coded entirely in Java.

I am happy that I chose PHP for developing the web based dashboards.

There is so much of productivity boost when coding the web dashboard compared to the effort involved using Java.

For e.g. When I had to implement the Auto-refresh feature in Java, there are so many things to consider..threads, timers etc.

But when it came to javascript, the auto-refresh is achieved with just a tiny call to set-interval method


window.setInterval(”refreshdashboard()”, 10000);

The above code will call the refresh dashboard every 10 seconds.

True simplicity.


A new Reporting and Dashboard Platform

In the meanwhile Download

Dashboard Software

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