What will America pay for H1-B Jobs

The H1b program will pay a sum of $60,374,682,695 that is roughly $60 Billion US dollars over a period of next three years. A total of 300,000 candidates were approved for h1-b visa. Around 8000 applications were rejected, around 9000 applications were withdrawn and around 26000 applications were approved but later withdrawn.

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Which CEO makes the top Dollars?

Larry Ellison and Warren Buffet owns the highest number of shares but check out who makes the top 1 year salary and 5 year salary. Checkout this CEO Dashboard

Review and evaluation of Dashboard vendor’s front page

Dashboardzone just finished reviewing the front page of BI and Dashboard vendors.




Checkout the different use of the bubble word cloud service


vendor words first second third
SAP 270 sap software business
IBM Cognos 169 cognos business software
Dundas 149 dundas dashboard dashboards
Infocaptor 184 dashboard infocaptor easy
Information Builders 272 management data business
Microstrategy 132 free microstrategy software
Logixml 137 analytics logi product
Oracle 243 oracle business learn
Tableau 139 data analytics easy
Pentaho 127 data pentaho analytics
Qlikview 139 qlikview contact support
SAS 197 sas analytics business
Sisense 185 data sisense prism
VisualMining 160 performance business software
Chartio 41 data chartio product
Gooddata 144 gooddata bash data
Jaspersoft 243 jaspersoft analytics 2013
Tibco Spotfire 178 spotfire tibco data

World time clock on your dashboard

Have you ever wandered into an office and saw a series of clocks hung on the wall. Each clock showing time for a different city named at the bottom of the clock?

Well, now you can have the same setup on your own dashboard.

InfoCaptor Dashboard Software now integrates with the powerful d3js library for some cool visualizations.

With the help of d3js, you can now put any number of analog clocks on your BI Dashboard

Check this Tutorial on How to add analog clocks on dashboard

analog clock javascript

Hacker News Visualization and Explorer

All Hacker News front page titles are converted to words and analysed into a Bubble word cloud

Visit Hacker News Text Analysis into word cloud



Visualization provided by Dashboard Software

Download and host your own dashboards


Use the Online SAAS Dashboards

Online Dashboards – Real time metrics, KPI dashboards, Performance dashboards, SAAS metrics

Here is list of all public dashboards built using InfoCaptor Enterprise


Cloud/SAAS Dashboard statistics


The above dashboard is my.infocaptor.com statistics. It shows number of users,dashboards,projects,and groups created. It shows rolling 30 day chart for dashboards created per day, logins per day. There is also a chart showing user registrations for each month.


Status Dashboard using Google Spreadsheet as data source




Jogger’s Dashboard using Google spreadsheet as source


RSS Dashboard – iGoogle dashboard




Human Resource Dashboard – HR analytics (dark background)




HR Dashboard – White background


HR dashboard – green background



XML Dashboard – built using pure XML as data source

Tutorial on how to build Dashboard from XML Source http://www.infocaptor.com/dashboard/build-a-dashboard-using-xml-as-data-source


Inflation Dashboard – Consumer Price Index


Tutorial on how to build the above http://www.infocaptor.com/dashboard/consumer-price-index-charts-and-dashboard


Murders by Weapon visualization Dashboard



Kaggle Leaderboard Visualization Dashboard



Kaggle team submission visualization for each week



Colorado School Demographic Dashboard



Gas mileage usage tracking dashboard


UI Mockup Tool – User interface wireframes

A new cloud based SAAS service for building Dashboard and website prototypes is now available at https://www.wireframes.org

MockupTiger is an amazingly simple and very powerful application
and Remember, you have three options to use Mockuptiger

  • Install on your PC and use as a personal application
  • Host it on your domain or corporate network
  • Forget installation – just use our Online Application



Frictionless Collaboration Multiple client accounts, multi teams and groups
Enterprise class collaboration allows anyone to create multiple mini teams representing their office work structure. Provide fine grain access to individual team member at the Group level, or Project Level or at the Page level. You can pick who can Edit your pages and who can just View the pages

Simple flowdiagrams and flowcharts Use flow arrows to connect anything
With the ability to draw lines,curves and arrows that stick to any widget it becomes super easy to build flow diagrams, storyboards and basic flowcharts along with your wireframes. Here is an example below demonstrating the flow of actions how a user can publish the page and share it.

Drag and Drop images Direct image hotlinking, greyscale, sketch,crop images
MockupTiger provides desktop like drag and drop interface to work with images. Simply select all your images and then drag all on the upload region. It will load all the images one by one asynchronously. Once uploaded you can go to Browse image and drag and drop them in your page.

Direct URL linking of images from external sources
Supports animated GIFs
Image Scaling
Image Cropping
Grayscale Image colors
Sketch mode of Image

Build Dashboard Prototypes Full charting family including bars, pies, gantt & speedometers
MockupTiger is a very specialized tool for Dashboard prototyping

Drag any chart (bar,line,pie,gantt,funnel,gauges and lot more)
double click the chart
enter data in Excel sheet format
click on your magic mouse, your real chart is ready!

Widgets for everything sticky notes, links, bullets, tree, grid, tabs.. and custom drawn objects
Comprehensive library of text widgets to build any software or website mockup in minutes.
Variety of vector icons that can be stretched to any size
Draw your custom objects by just typing HTML5 canvas commands

Build mockups in the easy way

Build mockups in the easy way

Mockups with Google+ Circles feature

Mockups with Google+ Circles feature

Enterprise Class Group and project management features are now available with a single click to the Dashboard.

Download MockupTiger Wireframes. It is the best time saving application you will download for prototyping

Mockuptiger allows you to create any number of groups. Each member of your team can create their own groups. Groups is like the “Circles” feature in Google plus.
Groups can represent full company, it can represent individual small teams, it can represent individual clients of a web design agency or a small department of a big company
. It is a simple and very powerful concept. This power is available when you use Mockuptiger to build your wireframes and prototypes.

Groups is a very powerful and simple concept. If you are a web agency then every client and members working for them is part of a small group.

Mockups with Google+ Circles feature

Mockups with Google+ Circles feature

Did you ever imagine that you can simply punch some data
and create beautiful dashboards?

Dashboards that are static in nature?

So what is a static Dashboard?

A dashboard where you build the charts first and then punch data inside the charts. Later when you have new updates, you come back and edit the data directly. You can use these kind of simple dashboards without any technical knowledge.

They are so easy to use, just drag the charts from the library and then update the data.

One such mechanism of creating static dashboard is discussed here using Mockuptiger.




Read more about Static Dashboards


Tiger can do both wireframes and mockups (tigger,tiggr,tigr)