Number of local governments for the states of USA

Number of local governments for the states of USA

Number of local governments for the states of USA

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Analysis and Data visualizations : Bed bugs, Y Combinator and Halloween

Y Combinator companies has more funding than the sum total of all remaining accelerators

Analysis and Data Visualisation

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Money given out based on the organization/company type

money given out Data Visualisation

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Don’t Expect A Large Salary Increase If You Didn’t Go To College

As per US Census data, following chart illustrates that if you have less than “college degree” then the jumps in your salary is very less as you progress in your ageDont Expect Large Salary Increase If you Didnt Go To College

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Color Analysis of Flags – Patterns and symbols – Visualizations and Dashboards

Recently, here at InfoCaptor we started a small research on the subject of flags. We wanted to answer certain questions like what are the most frequently used colors across all country flags, what are the different patterns etc.

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D3 based Data visualizations and Self service Business intelligence

Organizations are increasingly abandoning thin client mantra and are forced to adopt a mix of desktop based and web based analytic applications.

If you notice around, all major BI vendors are increasingly pushing Desktop based Data visualizations. Providing Data Visualizations, Ad-hoc data discovery all within the browser is challenging and this is the same challenge our team has been working on for over past 12 months.

The challenge for us was multi fold

1. Provide a browser based Data Analysis platform so users do not need to install desktop tools on their machine.

2. Provide in-browser drag and drop ad-hoc functionality

3. Streamline the workflow for getting users from Data to Analysis to published Dashboards

Here are some technical challenges that we had to overcome to get desktop based functionality work within the browser.

1. We wrote a mini SQL/aggregation engine all within the browser to do in-memory analysis for datasets.

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What will America pay for H1-B Jobs

The H1b program will pay a sum of $60,374,682,695 that is roughly $60 Billion US dollars over a period of next three years. A total of 300,000 candidates were approved for h1-b visa. Around 8000 applications were rejected, around 9000 applications were withdrawn and around 26000 applications were approved but later withdrawn.

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Which CEO makes the top Dollars?

Larry Ellison and Warren Buffet owns the highest number of shares but check out who makes the top 1 year salary and 5 year salary. Checkout this CEO Dashboard

Review and evaluation of Dashboard vendor’s front page

Dashboardzone just finished reviewing the front page of BI and Dashboard vendors.




Checkout the different use of the bubble word cloud service


vendor words first second third
SAP 270 sap software business
IBM Cognos 169 cognos business software
Dundas 149 dundas dashboard dashboards
Infocaptor 184 dashboard infocaptor easy
Information Builders 272 management data business
Microstrategy 132 free microstrategy software
Logixml 137 analytics logi product
Oracle 243 oracle business learn
Tableau 139 data analytics easy
Pentaho 127 data pentaho analytics
Qlikview 139 qlikview contact support
SAS 197 sas analytics business
Sisense 185 data sisense prism
VisualMining 160 performance business software
Chartio 41 data chartio product
Gooddata 144 gooddata bash data
Jaspersoft 243 jaspersoft analytics 2013
Tibco Spotfire 178 spotfire tibco data

World time clock on your dashboard

Have you ever wandered into an office and saw a series of clocks hung on the wall. Each clock showing time for a different city named at the bottom of the clock?

Well, now you can have the same setup on your own dashboard.

InfoCaptor Dashboard Software now integrates with the powerful d3js library for some cool visualizations.

With the help of d3js, you can now put any number of analog clocks on your BI Dashboard

Check this Tutorial on How to add analog clocks on dashboard

analog clock javascript