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Money given out based on the organization/company type

For more information.. Money given out based on the organization/company type

Color Analysis of Flags – Patterns and symbols – Visualizations and Dashboards

Recently, here at InfoCaptor we started a small research on the subject of flags. We wanted to answer certain questions like what are the most frequently used colors across all country flags, what are the different patterns etc.
Read more Color and Pattern analysis on Flags of Countries – Simple visualization but interesting data

D3 based Data visualizations and Self service Business intelligence

Organizations are increasingly abandoning thin client mantra and are forced to adopt a mix of desktop based and web based analytic applications.
If you notice around, all major BI vendors are increasingly pushing Desktop based Data visualizations. Providing Data Visualizations, Ad-hoc data discovery all within the browser is challenging and this is the same challenge our [...]

Which CEO makes the top Dollars?

Larry Ellison and Warren Buffet owns the highest number of shares but check out who makes the top 1 year salary and 5 year salary. Checkout this CEO Dashboard

Online Dashboards – Real time metrics, KPI dashboards, Performance dashboards, SAAS metrics

Here is list of all public dashboards built using InfoCaptor Enterprise
Cloud/SAAS Dashboard statistics

The above dashboard is statistics. It shows number of users,dashboards,projects,and groups created. It shows rolling 30 day chart for dashboards created per day, logins per day. There is also a chart showing user registrations for each month.

Status Dashboard using Google Spreadsheet as [...]

UI Mockup Tool – User interface wireframes

A new cloud based SAAS service for building Dashboard and website prototypes is now available at
MockupTiger is an amazingly simple and very powerful application
and Remember, you have three options to use Mockuptiger

Install on your PC and use as a personal application
Host it on your domain or corporate network
Forget installation – just use our Online [...]

Build mockups in the easy way

Build mockups in the easy way

Mockups with Google+ Circles feature

Mockups with Google+ Circles feature
Enterprise Class Group and project management features are now available with a single click to the Dashboard.
Download MockupTiger Wireframes. It is the best time saving application you will download for prototyping
Mockuptiger allows you to create any number of groups. Each member of your team can create their own groups. Groups is [...]

Mockups with Google+ Circles feature

Mockups with Google+ Circles feature
Did you ever imagine that you can simply punch some data
and create beautiful dashboards?

Dashboards that are static in nature?
So what is a static Dashboard?

A dashboard where you build the charts first and then punch data inside the charts. Later when you have new updates, you come back and edit the data [...]

How do edit groups/symbols in mockups

How do edit groups/symbols in mockups
Mockups become increasingly efficient when you have the ability to group objects and it becomes super powerful when you can edit the groups without ungrouping the objects
MockupTiger now has the ability to Edit groups Editable Mockup Groups/Symbols
When you group objects, the position is maintained with the child objects. You can [...]